Mysterious Asian beauty: dating advice

Asian women are prettyBeauty standards in Asia

If you ever decide to go to one of the Asian countries, would you be considered attractive? Asian women are pretty tiny, the average height is about 160cm, and they do like tall men as they feel protected by their side. The ideal weight for an Asian girl would be 48kg regardless of her height.

If you’re wondering, would you be considered attractive in Asia, let’s see what ideal preferences they set form men. The ideal height is 178cm. There’s a stereotype that all Asian men are short and skinny, but nowadays young men are pretty tall and athletic, so there’s a competition you might face. If your height is below 175cm, most Asian girls would just ignore you altogether because they just find it unattractive. The ideal weight for a man in Asia would be 65kg, so you have to be athletic and fit.

So what part of a male body is catching Asian girls’ attention?

  1. And chest hair in particular. It might seem weird as this feature is pretty rare for Asian men, but when it comes to foreigners, you may earn an extra point for that. Asian ladies find hairy chest super sexy, that’s the fact.
  2. Wide shoulders. It’s all about feeling protected and safe.
  3. A tall and thin nose is considered super hot in Asia.
  4. Body shape. The thinner the better, a little bit of muscle. Athletic look is very important for Asian women. Well, you can be just slim and thin, it’s still acceptable, but fat is a no-no. Asian ladies don’t find overweight people attractive in general.
  5. Probably the most important thing about male appearance in Asia is height. Asian women like good-looking men and sometimes they marry guys 10 years younger just because they’re tall and fresh.

attractive to Asian girls

What kind of men do Asian girls prefer?

Of course, it’s impossible to generalize opinions of millions of women, but there’re some things in common that can help you win an Asian lady’s heart.

Of all nations, the Americans seem to be the most popular among Asian girls. Since they learn American-English at school, it becomes much easier to overcome language barriers and communicate. Also Asian ladies like the Australians, because they’re fun, cool and sporty. Irish guys are also respected for their easy-going character and sense of humor. French guys tend to be popular especially in Japan.

As for the personality traits that seem attractive to Asian girls, there’re four major of them:

  • He must be a gentleman. Dating Asian beauty means to respect your lady, treat her like a princess and always highlight her good qualities.
  • You should be kind, considerate and gentle to your girl, and her heart will melt.
  • Asian girls like gifts, as long as it’s something cute and adorable, she’ll happily accept your present. Just don’t cheap it out and always consider her preferences.
  • You must be responsible. It’s a very important quality for those girls who are looking for marriage. The man must be reliable and able to protect his family.

Dating Asian beauty

Difficulties in dating an Asian girl

It’s quite hard for Asian ladies to date a foreigner than we might think. It takes a lot of courage to make an attempt to overcome huge cultural and language barriers. The major problem is the language. In any relationships it’s very important to understand each other, to be able to tell how you feel, what displeases you and how to fix that. Oftentimes it’s difficult for Asian girls to express their feeling in the tight way and make their Western guys understand what exactly they mean.

For example, very few Asian people meet a foreigner that knows completely nothing about their culture and language. So even very poor knowledge of Japanese would help you make her feel more confident and agree to go out with you.

So if you’re looking for a girl in Asian live chat, how do you start a conversation? Here’re some good chat lines you can use to catch a girl’s attention.

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?” this one make Asian ladies laugh that’s why they rated the phrase 8/10. This one actually might work and grab attention of an Asian girl online app.

“Would you be my Japanese/Chinese/Korean teacher?” just add whatever language you need and send a message to the girl. Most of Asian ladies rated this line 9/10. Actually, it’s the easiest way to get to know each other, just pick up some language skills.

“Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for” A simple phrase that can make your girl feel special. Rated 7/10.

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