Korean Speed Dating- The New Dating Method

Korean Speed DatingDo you want to meet and date someone with Korean background? Are you searching for the best opportunity to meet your Korean partner? Have you tried other dating processes with no success? Try the Korean speed dating and get closer to your goal.

One of the feelings that cannot be contained is love. Korean girls are among the most-sought-after singles in Asia. The reason is that of their unique beauty and respect for their culture. They can be met at online dating website or through matchmaking arranged by dating agencies. However, none of these methods work faster and better than Korean speed dating.

The Korean culture believes in arranging dates for single children. But with Koreans found all over the world, they have witnessed speed dating in several Korea town in other countries like in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. As a result, there is an awareness for speed dating in Korea.

Speed dating is ideal for young executives and professionals whose work schedule does not permit them to try online dating or search-and-trade process. If you are single and wish to find a Korean partner, find out if a speed dating for Koreans is happening anywhere around you. This is a rare opportunity to come closer to your goal.

Korean speed dating is an event organized for like-minded singles who want to meet for dating, friendship, relationship, romance, and marriage. It provides an opportunity to meet singles from different fields, professions, backgrounds, regions, etc.

Speed dating is not a strange idea to Korean because they are familiar with different types of dating.

  1. Sogaeting -the referral from someone you know where “Sogae” means “introduction” or “to introduce”
  2. Meeting is a group dating scene where friends invite their other friends, usually both genders, to meet up and see if there could be a chemistry for dating.
  3. Bongaeting – This is online dating. The meeting of persons who have met online and decide to meet in person. Bongaeting means “lightning” referring to the possibility of fast0tracking the relationship.
  4. Booking– This can be compared to speed dating.

As a single man, it will be a difficult task for you to start wandering the streets of Seoul searching for single females who are interested in you. It is a futile process as the chance of success is minimal. But with Korean speed dating, interested participants are singles who have a common goal to find a suitable partner.

Korean girls are among

Speed dating brings together men and women who want to find a partner for dating, friendship, relationship, and marriage. So, there is a common goal for all the attendances. Men and women will meet each other for short dates, usually about 5 minutes. They engage in short discussions concerning their requirements, preferences, and other vital information that can be contained in 3-5 minutes. The organizer rings a bell to signal the end of each date. The participants will fill a scorecard inputting their decision against the participants’ names. At the end of the event, the organizer will examine the scorecards and send contact information to the parties whose preferences and decision align (they selected each other) for further correspondences and dating.

With the aversion for the old-fashioned arranged marriage, South Korea’s modern youth now see speed dating a way to meet partners that meet their requirements. Besides, they are not restricted to meeting just one person, the options are numerous. They meet several people from different backgrounds and regions and are free to make their choices without pressure.

One important reason you should attend a Korean speed dating, if you are interested in dating Korean, is that what you see is what you get. You get to meet the participants one-on-one. This is not an issue of browsing online profiles or singles personals, where the uploaded photographs may have photoshopped- you see each other one-on-one and physically. While you can attend in groups, you can also go alone, after all, it’s your life, and the decision belongs to you.

Attend Korean Speed Dating

Why Attend Korean Speed Dating

  1. A Wide Range of Options

Speed dating is an event that several interested singles attend to find their soulmate. In most cases, there are at least 20 men and 20 women in attendance. So, you have the opportunity of meeting 20 women in a day. All things being equal, you are likely to find someone that is appealing to you.

  1. Time Efficiency

Speed dating saves a lot of time as you have only 5 minutes for each date and you meet several persons in a single day. There is no wastage of time if you are not pleased with a participant that date will end in 5 minutes and move on to the next date.

  1. High Success Rate

Most participants of speed dating usually find participants that meet their requirements at the event. That is why it is advised to attend the event with an open mind.

  1. Comfortable Venue

Speed dating is usually held in comfortable locations to allow participants feel relaxed and focus on the purpose of the event. The setting is often informal with few drinks provided and light music to make the atmosphere conducive.

If you are searching for a Korean girl or guy to date because of the exceptional physical appeal, matchless intellectual capacity, and the country’s cultural and historical values, book for the next Korean speed dating to meet Korean singles who are ready and willing to meet you for friendship, dating, relationship, and possibly, marriage.