How to marry an Asian wife from Brilic dating app

marry an Asian wifeI’m married to an Asian wife who looks like Lucy Liu. I’m a White guy in Australia and whenever I go out with my beautiful Asian bride, people always look at us – men are jealous of me because my wife looks like a movie star; meanwhile, women spend a lot of time looking at other women (as evidenced by the fact that every fashion magazine for female audience has a woman’s photo on its cover).

  • Why I am attracted to Asian girls: When I was in high school, my family was the home-stay family for an international student from Asia. I still remember that was 1999, we had a Japanese student staying in the guest room for three months while she was studying English in a local school here. I was secretly in love with her, but I was only 15 years old. She was about 17 years of age at that time. I kept in touch with her after she went back to Japan until she got married in 2013. She showed me the mysterious world of East Asia that I never knew before: the sophisticated Japanese amine, the artistic Chinese calligraphy, the yummy Korean food…. I still remember the days when she was teaching me how to write Chinese characters and I was teaching her English. But I was too young to tell her that I was madly in love with her – I didn’t know what that was because I never felt that way before. Yet I realised that I was actually in love with her a few years after she left Australia.Women from Asia brilic
  • The beauty of Asian ladies: Women from Asia are slim, youthful and feminine. I haven’t seen one obese Asian lady in my social circle or on TV. Further examination reveals that girls from Asia don’t really like going to the gym – they just eat less. Unlike Australians who eat a lot, people in Asia eat moderately. That’s why they are slim. Also, Australians tend to eat a lot of junk food, whereas Asians eat more vegetables in general. Apart from that, Asian beauties have smooth skin – they don’t need to shave their legs and arms because they don’t have much body hair anyway. And they also age well – they rarely have any wrinkles before they turn 50 years old. In contrast, some White women start to have wrinkles before they turn 30. Another reason why Asian stunners look more youthful is because they take good care of their skin. Skin-care products always outperform makeup in terms of sales in Asia. By contrast, makeup products always outperform skin-care products in terms of sales in western countries. Last but not least, ladies from Asia are very feminine – their clothes and accessories are often decorated with flowers, butterflies and love hearts – these patterns and prints make them look extremely feminine. It is said that femininity attracts masculinity, and Asian culture is the most feminine culture in the world, whilst Anglo-Saxon culture is the most masculine culture in the world. No wonder Asian women and White men get along so well.ex-girlfriends are from Asia
  • My journey of dating Asian girlfriends: All of my ex-girlfriends are from Asia. I’ve dated Chinese women, Japanese women and Korean women because my dating preference is East Asian women – I like their fair skin and black hair. My favourite is Chinese girls because they are generally better in bed and they can cook extremely well, according to my personal experiences. I’ve used various dating sites and dating apps to meet Asian beauties, e.g. Paktor, Tantan, Momo, etc. But most of those Asian girls that I met online were looking for casual hook-ups. I don’t mind having lots of hook-ups, but I’m more interested in real relationships. So, I’ve tried other methods as well. For instance, I moved to Sydney where there are more Asian people than where I’m from (I originally come from Hobart). As I see it, Sydney is a bit like a random city in China (e.g. Hangzhou) because it’s very Asian – you can see Chinese language everywhere in Sydney and the city is full of Asians. I definitely approached many Chinese beauties in the street when I was living in Sydney. My pro tip is going to a university campus where there are many international students from Asia – most university students are young and single, so it’s easier to get Chinese ladies on a university campus. The majority of Chinese stunners don’t go to nightclubs, so I don’t need to go out at night in order to get laid. In my opinion, going out at night is a time-consuming activity, and it’s expensive and unhealthy. I don’t even drink alcohol. Day game worked better for me because a lot of good girls aren’t in nightclubs anyway.attracted to Asian girls
  • How I met my Chinese bride: Although my day game was pretty good, I didn’t find the perfect Chinese lady those days. Therefore, I was combining offline dating with online dating for quite a while and I met my Chinese bride on Brilic dating app in January 2019. The reason I joined Brilic dating app is because I enjoyed reading their Chinese blog which has so many fascinating articles (Yes, I studied Chinese at university, so I can read in Chinese). My Chinese wife and I were chatting online and I knew we hit it off immediately. She is sensuous, smart and sexy. I asked her out and we had an amazing first date. Two months later, I moved her in. Our beautiful wedding took place last week. Her parents flew to Australia from Taiwan and attended our wedding in Canberra (this is where we live now). According to New York Times, Canberra is the most liveable city in the world, so we are planning on starting a family here so that our kids can go to school in a safe and stable environment.Asian girls
  • The benefits of marrying a Chinese wife: 1) My Chinese bride is very hardworking – she has a day job and a side hustle. She is a school teacher and an entrepreneur. I call her “a 40% entrepreneur” because after coming back from school, she works on her computer for at least 4 hours every night. She also works every weekend – both Saturday and Sunday. Previously, I thought I was a workaholic because I used to work at least 60 hours per week, but now I know she is the real workaholic – she told me that she used to work every hour except when she was asleep. Now she is married to me, so she always remembers to spend some time with me every day. The benefit of marrying a Chinese wife is that I don’t have to work my face off anymore because she can bring a significant amount of money to the household. 2) In a typical Chinese woman’s opinion, it is her job to make her husband happy in the bedroom, so she really satisfies me in bed. 3) She can cook so well – she not only cooks Chinese food, but also cooks Japanese food, Korean food and western food. She learned those from cookbooks that she bought from Amazon because that’s probably her only hobby!