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Finding Filipina brideGood evening, my name is Max, and I want to share with you the story about finding Filipina bride. From all our history it is important to know that we are very similar to each other by nature.

For a long time, my searches for the partner were unsuccessful, until I decided, with great apprehension and skepticism, to expand the age limits in the profile settings (I replaced “From 35 years” to “From 26 years”). And today we declare to you openly and frankly: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DIFFERENCES IN AGE! Marinna and I are absolutely harmonious, despite the fact that I’m 13 years older than she is and we have different professions. How did it happen? Very unexpected and simple!

Both my and Marianna past life was hard enough, many attempts were dropped, but we studied and worked, despite all the troubles. I walked through life easily and desperately, I was always cheerful and open, despising the pathos and nagging of my peers. Therefore, by the time I was forty, I began to get bored with women of the same age, who, in addition were interested only in money and status, and many were even disheartened and began to prepare for retirement. Marianna, unlike me, had always been demanding on herself, she had very serious and responsible attitude to life, career, and life. Therefore, it was always boring to communicate with frivolous and inexperienced peers. But when we first each other for the first time, everything was differently. From our first date and up to now, we are able to talk for hours, forgetting about time. We decided to live together easily, freely and cheerfully. Together we have it turned out!

Now I know for sure that the word “soul mate” is not the person who complements you, for example, you are quick-tempered, and she is calm, you are punctual – he is scattered. Quite the opposite! “The soul mate” – it’s you, your second part, missing! And the meaning of life and the search for love is to find one’s half and become one, to find harmony and peace, love and happiness until the end of your days.

Marianna is happy to learn from me, taking my experience, and I – learn from her. I’m young at heart, and she is wise not by age, so we do not feel any difference. We are well together! Therefore, I repeat: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DIFFERENCES IN AGE!sex with filipinabride

P.S. Do not think bad, the material and social status between me and Marianna is the same, there are no mercantile interests in our union, and everything is honest!

I must add that on the site there are a lot of useful tips, which will help every man to win girl’s heart.

  • Show certain perseverance in achieving the goal. Women appreciate this quality in men as persistence;
  • More jokes and humor;
  • Watch your own exterior;
  • Emphasize your and her attention to sincerity and friendliness;
  • Ask for advice in terms of cooking dishes or in choosing a gift for your close friend;
  • Do not have the habit of apologizing;
  • Do not lose your self-esteem, know yourself the price (“do not steal” before the ladies).
  • On the first date with the girl, when meeting her, give her a bright smile and a kiss on the cheek. Only after this, one should not squander and look with an apologetic glance.
  • Do not ask permission before you kiss a girl for the first time. This is not just about kissing. You are free to do what you want, within reason, of course. It is clear that such natural manifestations of the male should not humiliate the dignity of the girl.

Compliance with these rules will immediately take the initiative in their hands and hold it until the girl completely becomes yours.